The iphone as a portrait device I

Sandra Gaspar iphone

Sandra Gaspar / Photo: Mário Pires

Having left my Lumix in the closet, and relaying almost exclusively on the iPhone for all my photo needs, i wanted to put myself and the iPhone to the test. Thinking about possible challenges, i remembered that i never did a portrait session.
Portraits are a bit vague, how could i make a series that makes some sense and it’s within my reach ?
I also wanted to draw some attention to it, so it would need a element of defiance. I remembered some talks i had with fellow photographers about wonderful portraits of women smoking. Smoking has gained a rather negative aura in recent times, and because of it the defiance element would be smoke.
Having established portraits of people smoking as the main theme, i needed to narrow it down a bit in order to establish some logistics that i could master for some time.

  • Where to find people to photograph ?
  • How to ask them ?
  • Which gender and age ?

Those questions will be answered in the next post

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3 thoughts on “The iphone as a portrait device I

  1. I am amazed by the quality difference of the iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3Gs. Photos of people are still pretty rough looking for my 3Gs but it doesn’t mean one couldn’t start asking and getting more comfortable.

    I think it’s something you just gotta get out and try. People are much more comfortable infront of a camera phone because they don’t think it will be much of anything. We know it is awesome art!

  2. I’ve already done 4 sessions, and people don’t feel intimidated, it’s a phone and i’m always making eye contact (impossible with a DSLR) and talking.

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