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The iphone as a portrait device II


Sara Bettencourt - Photo Mário Pires

On the previous post, i talked about the genesis of this portrait series, but after the general theme i needed to narrow it down further, and decide who to photograph and where to find them.
The gender issue was clear to me, i’ve always loved photos of woman smoking, so that choice was easy. But i needed a way to find woman willing to smoke in front of the iPhone4 camera. Asking random woman on the street is not something i’m confortable in doing, i needed a different approach. Then i remembered that i already followed some woman that smoke on twitter, and figured that i could tweet them an invitation to pose. At this point i already made 4 portrait sessions, so this method turned out to be a good choice.

The iphone as a portrait device I

Sandra Gaspar iphone

Sandra Gaspar / Photo: Mário Pires

Having left my Lumix in the closet, and relaying almost exclusively on the iPhone for all my photo needs, i wanted to put myself and the iPhone to the test. Thinking about possible challenges, i remembered that i never did a portrait session.
Portraits are a bit vague, how could i make a series that makes some sense and it’s within my reach ?
I also wanted to draw some attention to it, so it would need a element of defiance. I remembered some talks i had with fellow photographers about wonderful portraits of women smoking. Smoking has gained a rather negative aura in recent times, and because of it the defiance element would be smoke.
Having established portraits of people smoking as the main theme, i needed to narrow it down a bit in order to establish some logistics that i could master for some time.

  • Where to find people to photograph ?
  • How to ask them ?
  • Which gender and age ?

Those questions will be answered in the next post

I dream of series


O.D. series - Photo: Mário Pires


P. series - Photo: Mário Pires


Subway series - Photo: Mário Pires


B.C. series - Photo: Mário Pires

I always think of series, regardless of the imaging device i’m using. From the moment i surpassed an “amateur” mindset and started to think about the concept of a “series”, i’ve never been able to work differently. Even when i’m not consciously thinking about it, after some time, a series emerges and i can’t help but notice and pursue it.
These photos are from series i’m developing now, all produced with the iPhone4 (the subway series has some photos that where shot with a Nokia device, but edited on iOS devices).